Hackers steal over a thousand identities every hour...
and yours could be next.

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"...the bible for staying safe while online."

This cyber survival guide is a book written by a reformed hacker.

It is for anyone whose business and personal life is connected to the Internet. This friendly, novice-oriented reference uses the frightening -- and often campy -- Zombie Apocalypse to teach the basics of cybersecurity and online safety.

Why Zombies? In cyberspace, a zombie refers to any infected computer or device being secretly controlled by cybercriminals.

Written for PC and Mac users, SURVIVING THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE is an armchair safari into the world of cybercrime. Readers will learn how to protect themselves through cautionary tales and insider explanations that take the mystery out of how these things work: how computer viruses and malware are part of a multi-billion dollar industry, how stolen credit cards pop up thousands of miles away without leaving their wallets, and how easily our computers can be used to commit crimes without our knowledge. Business managers will enjoy real-world strategies for preventing data theft and other digital disasters, along with cybercriminal secrets such as how even the best network security can be defeated with a phone call.

In an era where hackers regularly prove that even Fortune 500 companies and world governments are not safe from crippling cyber attacks, this book is a must for any home or small office. ISBN: 978-0-9715442-9-1 (paperback), 978-0-9715442-8-4 (ebook)

About The Author

Max Nomad

Max Nomad is an IT Consultant, Graphic Designer and Cybersecurity Researcher with over 20 years of experience using Internet technology to assist (and protect) small businesses. Having worked with everything from stock brokerage firms to car dealership chains to ostrich farmers, his diverse client history has given him experience with a variety of large and small businesses. His advice on IT security has been featured in the Intuit (Quickbooks) Small Business Center, About.com, Hackbusters, Techspective, Cyber Defense Magazine and Frontline Safety & Security Magazine. He also writes candid and informative articles on graphic design, cyber crime and underground hacker culture. His consulting company provides managed IT services for companies in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry in southeastern Virginia.

Last but not least, he's also a rabid fan of Romero-style zombies.

"Over the years I've worked in all kinds of network environments. One thing never changes: a constant need to use metaphors to help my clients understand the hazards of cyberspace. Most people don't fully comprehend what's at stake if I tell them a 100,000+ machine botnet is performing a DDoS attack against their network... but if I rephrase that as "a massive zombie horde is outside trying to tear down the walls to get at you and everything in here" they get the point. The imminent danger becomes very real -- and they're usually quicker to take action. My mission with this book is to teach you how to stay ahead of the hordes, protecting your information from malicious hackers, cybercriminals and other threats. It's a wild dystopian trip; hope you find it enjoyable and useful."- Max Nomad

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What people are saying about this book...

"Powerful, practical advice for any novice protecting their home and office from cybercrime."
- C.E. Pace, Department of Defense Computer Analyst and Booz Allen Hamilton IT Specialist (Ret.)

"Max Nomad has written what is basically the bible for staying safe while online... A must own for anyone with a computer or the internet... 10 out of 10 stars..."
- Rick Limpert, Atlanta Gadgets

"A good primer for anyone interested in cybersecurity complete with some useful tips and sites to go to where you can obtain effective tools to secure your home/small business network. There are also some examples of what can happen if you don't."
- Nicholas Smeaton rated it 4 of 5 stars

"The zombie theme enlivens a challenging technical topic that some lay people might find dry... and serves to drive the narrative forward in an engaging fashion."
- Randall Sutherland, Editor TopTenREVIEWS

"Having been a victim of identity theft, I wished I had known about the Theft Resource Center and the website for the FTC, police and creditors... This easy-read has educated me on many computer issues."
- Vivian Booker, rated it 5 stars out of 5

"Stories from Nomad’s personal experience illustrate the risks and consequences of ignoring computer security... His stories of hackers run amuck were entertaining, at least to this computer nerd."
- Big Al, Books and Pals

“Comparing the battle in the Cybersecurity realm to a ‘real life’ zombie apocalypse was a fresh approach...accurate and informative enough that a novice would be able to understand. The anecdotes are absolutely fascinating."
- Dave Helfen, Cybersecurity Director, VISA, Inc.

"A must read... and it's a fun read!"
- Charlene Christopher, Special Education teacher (Ret.)

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