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Baron Samedi

Who is The Baron? Baron Samedi. His icon is featured throughout this book to highlight key advice in each chapter.

In Haitian Vodou, The Baron is a spirit that spends most of his time at the crossroads between the worlds of the living and the dead. Somewhere between a deity and a human, when the Baron is seen he often has the face of a skull, wears a black tuxedo, black top hat, black sunglasses, and a walking staff. Those who have met him (and remained in the world of the living) say he has the grandeur of a Shakespearean actor mixed with the personality of Richard Pryor in his prime—a wild party animal, known for drinking, smoking, an outrageously crude sense of humor and constantly trying to hook up with [mortal] women. Along with the Baron’s duties over death, life and sexuality, he is also known for making sure that the departed aren’t brought back to life as zombies (a punishment worse than death).

Since The Baron prevents the creation of zombies, we consider him the closest thing to a patron saint of Safer Computing.

Send The Baron your questions about cybersecurity and protecting your information.

The best questions will be professionally answered here and considered for inclusion in the next edition of Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse: Safer Computing Tips for Small Business Managers & Everyday People.


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